Leeper's Lawn Service

Chris Leeper, Leeper's Lawn Service in Fort Wayne, Indiana, discusses their relationship with Mannia & Company, LLC. Chris reports that Mannia & Company helps with tax projections and tax planning for the owners personally and their business on an annual basis. Mannia & Company has assisted Leeper's Lawn Service in the past with an owner buyout, which resulted in a smooth transition for both parties. Watch the video to learn more about how the Mannia & Company, LLC team helps this small business thrive.

Dental Health PC

Dr. Steve Hollar talks about how Mannia & Company, LLC helps them with general tax planning and how they assisted them in transitioning from a C corporation to an S corporation, generating a substantial tax savings over a period of years and providing for a simpler tax structure. Mannia & Company works with Dental Health PC to make their end-of-year planning process easy and painless. Watch the video to learn more about how Mannia & Company assists this Warsaw, Indiana dental practice be the best they can be.

Kaiser Tool Company, Inc.

Lenore Perry of Kaiser Tool Company talks about how Mannia & Company has been an important partner in the success of their operation as well as a trusted advisor. Mannia & Company's recent involvement in helping the company secure substantial research and development credits has had a significant impact in reducing the shareholders' overall personal taxes for several years and also provide opportunities in the future. Watch the video to learn more about how Mannia & Company helps their clients put more money in their pockets.