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Our approach to billings

We certainly understand that business owners will want to know what our services will cost. That discussion will always take place as well as our approach to billings. In an effort to add more certainty to our clients' fees we provide fixed price agreements. We are also offering the option of paying these fees on a monthly basis to help our clients budget this cost easier from a cash flow standpoint and to alleviate the spike in fees that most businesses experience in the March, April or May timeframe of each year.

Like the credit card companies we are offering a silver, gold and platinum plan that you can choose from if you feel one of the options better fits your needs in terms of services for the upcoming year.

The silver plan covers all of the usual annual services that we would provide for you and the company based on your choices and needs established in our initial discussions.

The gold plan, for example, gives you the option of adding unlimited phone discussions concerning day to day matters, so as to get away from the stigma of the clock running when you are making a call and wondering what that conversation may cost.

platinum plan, for example, might factor in unlimited meetings if an owner was looking to sell his or her business and recognized that there would be a need for several meetings to get through this process.

In any event you will have options in that regard and if you would like to add something that we haven't covered initially, whether it is from a planning standpoint or some other project that you might want to have done during the year; we can certainly incorporate that into the plan. If going forward there is something that comes up in terms of additional services, those will be handled as a change order, so to speak, and a separate agreement will be executed so you know up front what that cost will be. The bottom line is that we want you to know what your cost will be up front and we commit to not exceeding that cost.


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