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Financial Projections & Business Planning

Looking into a crystal ball may be one way to determine the future of a business. A more reliable method is a financial projection. Financial projections are one of the most important resources when plotting the course for your business. These projections help to determine what revenue a business is likely to generate in the future. They are used as tools for obtaining capital and, without the right information, you may lose your financing or receive higher interest rates. Financial projections are also an excellent indicator of the return a prospective buyer can expect, which will help determine if a business is worth purchasing and for how much. Reliable financial projections are one of the services that we have significant experience in and also can provide the following benefits to businesses that utilize them.

  • Improves the chances of obtaining debt and equity capital.
  • Excellent indication of the direction a business is likely to take in the future.
  • Forces everyone involved to look as what lies ahead and make plans based on these figures.
  • Can be extremely valuable when buying or selling a business.
  • Can be a valuable tool in the decision to start a business.
  • Useful in the decision to proceed with or delay expansion plans.