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Estate Planning

Estate planning is something that too many of us keep putting off. It seems as if there will always be time to get around to it. However, waiting can have adverse affects on both your finances and the people you care about, causing you to lose a substantial portion of your estate to taxes. If you get the right planning now, you can help soften the blow of estate taxes later. Estate planning is one of the specialties of Mannia & Company.  We strive to address the following as part of our goal to help you preserve your hard earned assets as possible.

  • Provide financial security for loved ones.
  • Transfer ownership of a business (or other assets) to loved ones, partners or employees with a minimum amount of transfer tax.
  • Provide liquidity and ongoing cash flow for those responsible for administering the estate.
  • Minimize current and future taxes and income tax.
  • Provide for a favorite charity.
  • Fund educational expenses for children or grandchildren.
  • Provide an adequate safety net for lifetime contingencies such as disability or death of a spouse.
  • Avoid probate and other administrative costs.
  • Avoid legal hassles or disputes with third parties, including tax authorities.
  • Maintain flexibility in the overall estate plan to be able to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Maintain control over or ensure competent management of assets.
  • Minimize exposure to liabilities that could consume one's assets.
  • Ensure that assets ultimately pass to intended parties.
  • Avoid disputes among family members or business owners.
  • Avoid complexity in the estate plan and in the specific techniques used to implement the plan.