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Construction and Related Services

Construction management is a unique business. Most construction companies start as a small operation, with the owner in control of every facet of the business. Then the successful companies grow, often quickly, forcing owners to adopt sophisticated management and accounting systems in order to control company expenditures and individual jobs. Contractors are also faced with complex tax situations, which can lead to real problems if the owners are not properly prepared. That is why contractors need an accounting firm that understands the needs and problems of their business. Mannia & Company is just such a firm. Construction accounting, tax consultation and financial advisory services are specialties of Mannia & Company.
Some of the services or issues we address include:

  • Tax basis versus GAAP financial Statements.
  • Implementation of the percentage-of-completion method. 
  • Application of overhead costs in the tracking process for contract costs.
  • Dealing with surety bond underwriters
  • Dealing with the process of securing state work - INDOT
  • Implementation of tax strategies to reduce taxes, such as the completed contracts method.