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Bookkeeping Services

Software Specializations

The fact that no software package meets 100% of our clients' needs is a common occurrence. However, several packages may meet all of the "critical" needs. In this situation, we assist our clients in deciding which of the "less important" needs our clients could most easily live without. Currently, some of the professionals at Mannia & Company have knowledge and expertise in the following software packages:

  • Peachtree Accounting ®
  • Peachtree Complete Accounting ®
  • QuickBooks Pro ®
  • Quicken ®
  • JobBoss ®
  • Power Tools ®

The above are all Windows software packages and can be acquired in the same general price range. As to the software packages mentioned above, our professionals currently provide training and support to our existing clients.

Completing the Engagement

There is no question that our goal at Mannia & Company is to see that our clients obtain satisfactory closure of the project. We also understand that because of the nature of accounting system installations our clients may demand additional "fine-tuning". Our work must continue until the clients have everything they want and are totally satisfied. It is our strong desire that the engagement be completed in such a way that encourages our clients to continue on-going support services with us, along with any additional services that may be required in the future.